Current Projects

Check out current projects, and those on deck.

Rhymesayers Target Center Arena Show!

The Rhymesayers invited all their peoples back for one 6 hour blowout of raps on raps on raps. Myself, and 1Light Films were there to document it. We have over 15 cameras present documenting everything from the show itself, to artist and fan diary booths. It was truly an amazing night that I will never forget.

Frog Bikes- The Adventurers

In March, I traveled with Jake Gardner, fellow business mate at 1Light Films, to the UK to film a Brand spot for Frog Bikes. We worked with Adventure Advertising on this one, an agency based out of Minnesota. If you don't know em, check em out. 

This piece is more like a short film, than a commercial. Adventure, and I came up with a fun story about two brothers who's boundaries are limitless on their Frog Bikes. 

The whole trip was 6 days. Just enough time to take in the sites, sounds, and local beverages....

Looking forward to more with Adventure Advertising, and Frog Bikes

Soundset 2015

Soundset is one of the only true Hip-Hop festivals in the world. It celebrates not only the music of the culture, but the art, dance, and people that made this beautiful movement what it is today.

Myself and 1Light Films are very fortunate to be a part of this project every year by producing various content, but namely the Official Wrap Up videos every year. 

This year changed me. I really started to feel the heart beat of the festival, and think I really tuned in and listened to the rhythm. I'm excited to see where it goes next year.