Atmosphere - The Shit That We've Been Through (Official Video)

This video hurt a lot. That's because my arm was used as the canvas to tattoo the image of this beautiful figurehead. 
This video was shot on a Phantom Miro at over 2,000 frames per second.

Side-note, I was in a motorcycle accident 3 hours before this shoot. Listen, we rented the camera. The shoot must go on.

Atmosphere - Pure Evil feat. I.B.E (Official Video)

Video description from Rolling Stone.

"Pure Evil" follows a police officer named Officer Daley in the immediate aftermath of an officer-related shooting. In striking images, Daley is seen riding his motorcycle down a desolate highway, his hand quivering after the violent incident. The video ends with Daley overcome by guilty, digging a hole in the desert and burning his uniform as he crouches naked beside the fire."

Atmosphere - Fishing Blues with Sway Calloway: Episode 1

I use to watch TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV when I was a kid. It was one of the music video outlets that made me want to do what I do today. So it was a dream to work with Sway Calloway from TRL fame. Also known for his award winning satellite radio show, Sway in the Morning, on Shade 45. 
Watch as Sway takes the boys from Atmosphere out fishing on the famous, Lake Minnetonka, to discuss their new album, Fishing Blues.

Rhymesayers20: Relive the Experience

Whoa, what a night. The Rhymesayers pulled off the impossible and got almost all the artist to ever grace a Rhymesayers stage back to Minneapolis for an epic 6 hour rap show at the Target Center. 

I had over 13 camera operators covering the event ranging from stage coverage, to various roaming documentary cameras, and fan/ artist diary booths.

I have a feeling there will be something more content coming from this show...

Frog Bikes - the Adventurers

In March, I traveled with Jake Gardner, fellow business mate at 1Light Films, to the UK to film a Brand spot for Frog Bikes. We worked with Adventure Advertising on this one, an agency based out of Minnesota. If you don't know em, check em out. 

This piece is more like a short film, than a commercial. Adventure, and I came up with a fun story about two brothers who's boundaries are limitless on their Frog Bikes. 

The whole trip was 6 days. Just enough time to take in the sites, sounds, and local beverages....

Looking forward to more with Adventure Advertising, and Frog Bikes

Soundset Music Festival 2015

Soundset is one of the only true Hip-Hop festivals in the world. It celebrates not only the music of the culture, but the art, dance, and people that made this beautiful movement what it is today.

Myself and 1Light Films are very fortunate to be a part of this project every year by producing various content, but namely the Official Wrap Up videos every year. 

This year changed me. I really started to feel the heart beat of the festival, and think I really tuned in and listened to the rhythm. I'm excited to see where it goes next year.

Director's Reel- Music Video

It was high time for new reel. Had a blast cutting this one together. 

Doomtree "Gray Duck" (Official Music Video)

Whoa! This one was a blast. Amazing crew, great group in Doomtree. Looking forward to doing more action.

On the Ground- Heiruspecs

I love this video. Victor Rukavina and I paired up to direct this one, and I feel really good about what we put together. I directed the dance in the warehouse, as well as Chastity Brown's rooftop performance, while Victor setup the bands performance aesthetic, and it looks so good.

Credit to our choreographer Alissa Paris Gilbert, and our incredible dancer, Eshay. 
I heard this song when the record came out, and instantly new what the video should be. 

Cross My Heart Hope To Die - Two Shots (Official Video)

Had the privilege to work with the great DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill on this one. His new crew, Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, created this haunting track. I happy to pair the music with some dark, and sexy visuals. Hope you enjoy.

Atmosphere - Camera Thief (Official Video)

Pre-pro, pre-pro, pre-pro. This one is all about the Pre-Pro. I took 3 trips out to the desert to find the locations in this video. Listening to the song, I walked through every step. Almost takes away the fun when you know exactly how it's going to go.

Bahamian Son- Feature Film

Bahamian Son is the first feature film I directed. Project description below. I love this project. An amazing experience.

Bahamian Son is an independent feature film, based on true events, from the life of the writer Reggie Henderson. The story follows Kevin as he sets out to find his father, whom he hasn't seen in more than thirty years. During his journey, Kevin examines his own life and the family he has built for himself, as well as his childhood, growing up in the projects of North Minneapolis. After Kevin tracks down his father, he travels to the Bahamas to meet him. What happens in the Bahamas, opens Kevin's eyes to a world and a history he never knew existed, it's also another test of Kevin's beliefs regarding family, loyalty, and what it means to be a son, a father, and a man. 

Rhymesayers European Tour Wrap-up

Since I was 16 I've listened to Rhymesayers Records. Artists like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and POS had, and still have, a significant influence on me. It was a goal of mine to work with these guys on a professional level, but to have the opportunity to travel across Europe with them, making documentary films, was beyond those dreams.

1Light Films traveled 9 countries, 13 cities, making mini docs daily along the way. At the end of the trip, we made a feature film titled "The Rhymesayers European Tour", and premiered it at the Twin Cities film festival in 2012. 

This is the last video in the series. I recommend you watch them from the beginning, after this one. There are 13 episodes. 

Atmosphere - Bob Seger (Official Video)

A retelling of the Paul Bunyon myth, Atmosphere's "Bob Seger" video was a fantastic effort by everyone involved. Set in the 1800's in colonial Canada, watch Paul extract his revenge on the Queen's Army.

Joey Ryan & The Inks: Of a Feather (Official Video) HD

Follow our hero, Blue Bird, as he attempts to win the heart of the prettiest bird in the woods. It won't come easy as the critters of forest face their biggest foe yet.

Atmosphere - Arthur's Song (Official Video)

Stay till the end. The BIG end.

I.B.E & Benzilla - Bottomless Bottom

There are two aspects to this video. One is the performance by IBE. It's fast shutter speed, erratic movements, and selective focus lends to the pace and tone of the song.
The narrative portion of the video uses selective framing. It's interesting to see the action only from the knees down. You can tell so much story with little movements and body language.

Brother Ali - Work Everyday

Brother Ali is an artist on Rhymesayers, and someone I feel fortunate to call a friend, and mentor. I followed Ali around for a month or so documenting his work on stage, and in the community. This video calls on you to " Work Everyday".

Shout out to Victor Rukavina for contributing as the shooter of the arrest footage.

I.B.E and Benzilla Let Me Ride w Akrite and Greg Grease

A slight tip of the hat to Spike Lee, this video makes use of the dolly shot Lee made famous. IBE, Akrite, and Greg Grease take in the summer breeze on a summer day in South Minneapolis.