Andrew Melby--Director/ Editor

Illustrate the Human Experience

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and after a successful freelance career there, as well co-founding 1Light Films with 3 of my best buds, I packed up my camera, and notebook, to head west. 

Now in LA, with my wife, Dawn, our dog, and Airstream Camper, I've been Directing/ Editing brand spots, music videos, and documentary films. The occasional commercial project piques my interest, and working in television keeps me busy, as well as the occasional day on the Universal Studios Lot. With whatever time is left in the week, I try to hit the water with my surfboard.

From tour buses across Europe, to 3,000ft below earth's crust in Potash mines, there are few situations in production I haven't encountered. Even in recreation, Dawn and I took our first houseboat down the Mississippi River on an epic trip that lasted 34 days, and had us facing breakdowns, storms, and crocodiles...

There is no better person to conceive, create, and edit content that is provocative, thoughtful and exciting. 


 This is where I live!

This is where I live!